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Founded in 2006 by Maurizio Patti & Danny C. Tone, Big Mamas House Records was born from the idea of creating a music label dedicated to young and undiscovered talents with a deep passion for house music. Today, our label proudly houses over 2000 artists from diverse corners of the globe.


Welcoming everyone through our five sub-labels, whether you're delivering pumping techno for DataTech, experimenting with minimalistic deep tech for STIG, crafting wild and eccentric beats for Golden Goat Records, creating a modern and cutting-edge sound for Supertunes, or producing serene and dreamy compositions for Nuit Blanche – there's a unique space for every musical style.


Embracing the motto "Crafting Tomorrow's Classics," at Big Mamas House Records, we are committed to nurturing emerging talent and shaping the future of electronic music. Across all our labels, we provide artists with a home, driven by our boundless love for electronic music!

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